Art for All, Art in Printed Boxes, 5Kg and 2Kg, 2021. © Mahbub Johkio.

Mahbub Jokhio

Artist / Summer 2023


Mahbub Jokhio (born 1992 in Pakistan) graduated from Beaconhouse National University, where he currently teaches. In his work, he considers the nature of images – their claims to objectivity and their ability to manipulate meaning and perception. Working in various media, he questions image production and reception through subjects ranging from history and religion to love and violence. These investigations often incorporate irony, dark humour, and self-referential critiques that locate and decode the image’s capacity to mediate reality. He had his first solo exhibition, In the City of Lost Times, at The Tetley, Leeds, UK, and received the IFTCF Emerging Artist award and Residency, Italy; Gasworks Residency, London; Al-Balad Residency, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Research Fellowship, Harvard University; and Maltfabrikken Residency, Denmark.