Tina Born, Expérimentations en extérieur, 2000.
Tina Born, Expérimentations en extérieur, 2000.

Artist and Author Residencies Program | Est-Nord-Est

For thirty years, Est-Nord-Est has been devoted to creating a place that encourages artists and authors involved in the broad field of visual arts to engage in reflection about art. The centre recognizes the importance of the creative process in contemporary art practices and wishes to foster this process without an imperative for dissemination. ENE offers space for production, research, and creation and time for free experimentation, outside of an exhibition context, in order to open the way to new creative territories.

Each residency cycle hosts four artists and one author in visual arts; they come from Québec, Canada, and abroad. To encourage artistic emulation, the centre undertakes to bring together cohorts with practices that are complementary, in dialogue, and in keeping with the experimental nature of the residency. The ENE team orchestrates an experience that favours creative research methods and provides technical and logistical support to the residents.

Why Est-Nord-Est ?

  • Time and space for creative research
  • Geographical situation with river
  • Rurality, St-Jean-Port-Joli
  • Very personalized guidance

Artist residencies

Author residencies