Art and gardens

Editor : Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal
Location : Montréal
Year : 2000
Pages : 200
ISBN : 2551203481
Language : French / English
Author : Christine Bernier, Michel Baridon, Anne Bélanger, Pierre Bonnechere, Thérèse Chabot, Melvin Charney, Danielle Dagenais, Bertrand Dumont, Philip Fry, Catherine Grout, Francine Larivée, Luc Lévesque, Philippe Nys, Alexander Reford

Artist and author

Marc Babarit
Gilles Bruni
Thérèse Chabot
Melvin Charney
Claude Cormier
Mark Brown
Gilles Clément
Ken Druse
Philip Fry
Adriaan Geuze
Susan Herrington
Derek Jarman
Marie-Chrystine Landry
Francine Larivée
Luc Lévesque
Dan Pearson
Thérèse Romer
Martha Schwartz
Ritsuko Taho
Lois Weinberger
In these proceedings from a conference held in Montreal in 2000, 14 specialists on the nature/culture report use conceptual tools to “cultivate” the theme of the garden. All of the authors stress the importance of gardens to our understanding of the world and contemporary visual culture. Certain authors consider the garden in terms of ecology and the environment, or its pictorial and literary aspects; some present a historical or theoretical perspective; and others consider its critical potential in an urban context. The garden becomes the new paradigm for cultural studies. Most texts in French, four in English. Brief biographical notes. 206 bibl. ref.
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