Carole Condé, Karl Beveridge : Political Landscapes

Editor : Gallery TPW, Toronto Photographers Workshop
Location : Toronto
Year : 1998
Pages : 32
ISBN : 0969475543
Language : English
Author : Clive Robertson, Catherine Macleod,
Catalogue to accompany an exhibition consisting of three photo-based series by Condé and Beveridge. Robertson considers the strategies employed in the artists’ tableau photographs based on the collapse of the cod fishery, strikes by union workers and activism by students, teachers, etc. He situates the artists’ work within the sphere of labour and community arts, while drawing attention to how their works reflect the struggle for social/economic justice and the rights of the working class. Includes a brief text by C. MacLeod on her collaboration with the artists, and their involvement with the labour movement. List of projects by Condé/Beveridge created between 1975-1998. Biographical notes on artists and authors. 55 bibl. ref.
Available in paper format only.