How we see what we say

Editor : Art Gallery At Harbourfront
Location : Toronto
Year : 1986
Pages : 44
ISBN : 0-92104708-8
Language : English
Curator : Ian Carr-Harris
Author : Ian Carr-Harris
Exhibition of 8 artists: Paterson Ewen, Susan Schelle, Murray Favro, General Idea, Janis Hoogstraten, Renee Van Halm, Louise Noguchi, and Michael Snow. Autographed by Ian Carr-Harris, Susan Schelle, A.A. Bronson [of General Idea], Felix Partz [of General Idea], Renee Van Halm, Janis Hoogstraten, Murray Favro, and also by the director of the art gallery, Bill Boyle. From the art book collection of Canadian writer Greg Gatenby. 
Available in paper format only.