Geografías de la Memoria

Editor : Trayecto Galeria
Location : Vitoria-Gasteiz, Espagne
Year : 2003
Pages : 37
Language : French / English / Spanish
Coordinator : Krassimira Drenska
Author : P.M.S Hacker, Hans Saner

Artist and author

Krassimira Drenska
Dadi Wirz
This book seeks to question the idea that there is a single field of memory, a dichotomous field, reduced to the struggle between "official and unofficial" memories, between agonistic organizations that dispute the historical version and the oblivion of governmental memory. It also seeks to show how the field of victims' memories is enriched by other positions, among them, not only the subaltern ones of the voiceless, but also the sub/altern ones, which construct an outside of the dispute for central power, which generates and derives in alternative cultural powers and practices. It also points out how to these memories are added the reserved memories, in reserve, waiting for a specific moment to make a place in the plural field of memories. The book begins with an autobiographical chapter in the key of sub/altern memory, carries out a conceptual review of the traditional conception of memory and culminates with the exposition of these theoretical categories that illustrate other positions and alternatives in the field of memory. Here, not every memory that is apparently situated in a position is guaranteed to remain there forever.
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