Editor : Articule
Location : Montréal, Canada
Year : 1999
Volume : 1998-1999
Number : 2
Pages : 24
ISBN : 2-920306-19-7
Language : French / English
Coordinator : Annie-Loui Chester
Curator : Nikki Forrest
Author : Catherine Poehler, Marcus Miller, Esmé Terry, Anita Raymond

Artist and author

Carolyn Meili
Gu Xiong
Catherine Bodmer
Yong Jin Cui
Gaye Chan
Adrian Shalom Williams
David Merritt
Paul Harrison
John Wood
Laurel Woodcock
Stephanie Shepherd
Constanza Camelo
Makiko Hara
Chang Wan Wee
Lisa Graves
Pierre Beaudoin
Victoria Stanton
Sylvette Babin
Jacqueline H. To
Marie-France Garon
Rona Lee
Sylvie Cotton
Biliana Velkova
Gaye Chan
Laurel Woodcock
Catherine Bodmer
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