Photo Sculpture

Couverture de la publication Photo sculpture
Editor : Est-Nord-Est, résidence d'artistes,Les Studios d'été
Year : 1991
Pages : 78
ISBN : 2-98006320-8-2
Language : French / English
Coordinator : Marie Frasier, comité d'organisation des Studios d'été
Author : Jacques Doyon, Lesley Johnstone

Artist and author

Jocelyne Alloucherie
Patrick Altman
Guy Bourassa
Paul Lacerte
Alain Paiement
Sylvie Readman

Photography, sculpture. Why bring these two means of expression together to confront each other? A look at the contemporary art scene reveals the particularly notable presence of practices that combine photography and sculpture. But what relationship can these two media forge? Can photography work (in) sculpture? It was in the context of this reflection that we hosted six Québec artists who explore these relationships in their work. Following the experience of Histoires de bois, the first event organized by Les Studios d’été in 1998, Photo Sculpture retained the same structure, based on holding a two-month workshop that took place from July 2 to August 25, 1990, at the l’École-atelier de sculpture de Saint-Jean-Port-Joli.

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