L’image complice

Editor : Contretype
Location : Bruxelles, Belgique
Year : Contretype
Pages : 8
Language : French / English
Curator : Marie-Josée Jean
Author : Marie-Josée Jean

Artist and author

Raymonde April
Nathalie Caron
Donigan Cumming
Angela Grauerholz
Charles Guilbert
Sylvie Laliberté
Laura Letinsky
George Steeves
For some years now, we've been witnessing the deployment of intimacy in the public sphere. Not only does it reach everyone via TV screens and radio waves, but it's also on public display in museums, galleries and even advertising networks. This face-to-face encounter between the public and the subjectivity of the other is emblematic of the contemporary world, and has become widespread in current photographic and video practices. This publication examines this phenomenon in the practices of photographers and video artists from Quebec and Canada.
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