Mémento 2; 1999-2000

Couverture de la publication Mémento 2; 1999-2000
Editor : Est-Nord-Est, résidence d'artistes
Location : Montréal, Canada
Year : 2002
Pages : 88
ISBN : 2980128171
Language : French / English
Coordinator : Franck Michel
Author : Franck Michel

Artist and author

P.Roch Smith
Carole Baillargeon
Nathalie Caron
Jean-Pierre Gauthier
Lise Labrie
Marie-Josée Lafortune
Natalie Roy
Hideto Aizawa
Lucie Duval
Paul Landon
Isabelle Laverdière
Lorraine Oades
Annie Thibault
Susan Turcot
Magali Bouteloup
Marie Odile Candas Salmon
Sylvie Cotton
Iwona Majdan
Martin Pakvis
Thérèse Chabot
Sophie Cloutier
Karen Hibbard
Mireille Lavoie
Pilar Macias
Chantal Séguin
Annette Merkenthaler
Francine Larivée
François Méchain
Hugues Dugas
Tina Born
Linda Covit
Martine Saurel
Aeneas Wilder

In the spirit of a souvenir album or logbook, Mémento was born of the desire to recount and document the experience of the residency. To do this, we asked each artist to provide us with a short text about his or her stay at Est-Nord-Est: impressions, thoughts, working notes. To these texts were added photographs of studios and works taken by the centre’s staff or by the artists themselves. The residency gives a sense of timelessness and offers a space for reflection, research, and production, but also – and no doubt most importantly – for learning, sharing knowledge, and conversing. For two months, artists in residency have to learn about themselves, learn about others, and test their own approaches. It is most often in the intersection of these three types of encounter that the residency plays out, necessarily engendering a change of context.

Available in paper format only.