Baco Ohama : Miyoshi : A Taste That Lingers Unfinished in the Mouth

Editor : Southern Alberta Art Gallery
Location : Lethbridge, Alberta
Year : 2001
Pages : 30
ISBN : 1894699076
Language : English
Author : Hiromi Goto, Arthur Nishimura, Paul Chaat Smith

Artist and author

Baco Ohama
Designed like a conversation, this catalogue documents the responses of people Ohama invited to react to her installation. Goto writes a fictional poetic response, Nishimura provides a photograph inspired by the installation, and Smith relates his own personal history and its connection to the exhibition. Ohama implies that the publication is part of an ongoing process, with all the struggle and hope symbolized by the installation’s maneki neko (a popular Japanese good luck cat figure.) Biographical notes.
Available in paper format only.