Amener l’eau au moulin

Couverture de la publication Amener l'eau au moulin
Editor : Est-Nord-Est, résidence d'artistes
Location : Saint-Jean-Port-Joli,Canada
Year : 2005
Pages : n.p.
ISBN : 2980128163
Language : French
Coordinator : Nathalie Lafortune
Author : Jean-Émile Verdier, Nathalie Lafortune

Artist and author

Virginie Chrétien
Christine Major
Marie-Christine Simard

The vocation of Centre Est-Nord-Est is to invite three to six artists, based on their application portfolios, for a two-month residency, three times a year. Virginie Chrétien, Christine Major, and Marie-Christine Simard spent summer 2004 at the centre, and the exhibition Amener l’eau au moulin was a sort of wrap-up of this period of reflection. The exhibition took place in the old village mill in what had once been the seigneurie of Port-Joly. This magnificent space from another time hosted Chrétien’s installation and pyrographs on wood produced jointly by Major and Simard. The idea was to create a dialogue between the workspace and the presentation space, rather than to produce works in situ or directly inspired by the mill as a theme. The Moulin des Trois-Saumons in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli was the venue for the exhibition from August 13 to September 4, 2005.

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