Jaimie Isaac : Brings to light

Editor : Gallery 1C03, University of Winnipeg
Location : Winnipeg
Year : 2023
Pages : 68
ISBN : 9781989111062
Language : English
Author : Jennifer Gibson, Dawn Isaac, Lorena Fontaine, Elder Mary Courchene, Elaine Isaac, James Isaac-Fehr

Artist and author

Jaimie Isaac
"Brings to Light extends the impact of Jaimie Isaac’s exhibition. It includes intergenerational contributions by the artist's grandmother Elder Mary Courchene, mother Elaine Isaac, and son James Isaac-Fehr, beautiful illustrations of the artworks, and a series of compelling texts written by the artist, her sister Dawn Isaac, and scholar Lorena Fontaine. Here, as in the show, Isaac and her kin grapple with intergenerational Indigenous experiences of trauma, memory, resilience, and reclamation to teach us that we must never forget the harms of the past and to honour the survivors and all those who bring awareness to “the beauty of Indigenous knowledge”." -- Publisher's website
Available in paper format only.