The Directory of Publications on Canadian Contemporary Art : N° 20

Editor : Centre d'information Artexte
Location : Montréal
Year : 2004
Volume : 20
Pages : 280
ISBN : 14888599
Language : French / English
Author : Irena Murray

Artist and author

Anne Ramsden

Using bibliographical data and short abstracts, this 20th edition of The Directory presents information on nearly 1200 documents on Canadian contemporary art, which was integrated into Artexte’s collection between 2001 and 2003. In her introductory text, Murray underscores the relevance of exhibition catalogues in an age of multimedia. The Directory also includes information on three Artexte special projects (two exhibitions and one residency), recent publications by Artextes Editions, and a list of Canadian periodicals available on the premises. Includes three indexes (artists, authors and publishers). Texts in French and English. 1 bibl. ref.

Available in paper format only.