Terre gravide… émergence

Editor : Matière à musée
Location : Longueil, Canada
Year : 1995
Pages : 19
ISBN : 2980463000
Language : French
Coordinator : Janou Gagnon, Louise Matte
Author : Janou Gagnon, Louise Matte

Artist and author

Liliana Berezowsky
Linda Covit
Lourdes Cue
Helen Escobeo
Francine Larivée
Joëlle Morosol
Rolf Morosoli
Michèle Tremblay Gillon
Conference papers of nine out of twelve communications delivered by visual arts and urban planning professionals (only three of the texts are in English) and dealing with the three-fold issue of women sculptors, public art, and commissioned works. 28 bibl. ref.
Available in paper format only.