Editor : Newport Museum and Art Gallery
Location : Newport, Pays de Galles
Year : 2002
Pages : 32
Language : English / Welsh
Coordinator : Sandra Jackaman

Artist and author

Valerie Coffin Price
Mary Husted
Hélène Broutschert
Julia Brooker
The watery theme serves to remind us that Newport is very much a part of coastal south Wales in spite of the fact that the city seems to turn back on the sea and few references, in modern day Newport, are made to our seafaring traditions. However, more importantly for this exhibition, "...the sea is.", as Jacques Rangasamy tells us in his essay that accompanies this exhibition, "the amniotic fluid where planetary life gestates, the awesome threshold of faraway dreams and the watery graves to the luckless in adventure and love". And, as he goes on to describe, the sea is "the largest reservoir of existential symbols". (p.3)
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