Editor : Éditions Cercle d'Art
Location : Paris, France
Year : 2003
Pages : n.p
ISBN : 2-7022-0713-8
Language : French
Coordinator : Philippe Monsel
Curator : Sophie Jaulmes
Author : Jean-Luc Chalumeau, Sophie Jaulmes

Artist and author

Taysir Batniji
Davide Bertocchi
Mariusz Grygielewicz
Nicolas Juillard
Carole Monterrain
Ingrid Mourreau
Renata Poljak
Carmela Uranga
Picasso asserted that “the artist is also a political being, always on guard against world events”. What is the situation more than eighty years after Guernica was shown in the Spanish Pavilion in Paris in 1937? Faced with this question of the artist's attitude to politics, Sophie Jaulmes conceived the exhibition “C'est(-)à(-)dire!” with a preface by Jean-Luc Chalumeau. C'est(-)à(-)dire! takes visitors on a stroll through the Cour d'Honneur and the Grand Tinel of Avignon's Palais des Papes, presenting the work of eight international artists (installations, sound devices and video-projections), addressing questions of commitment, feeling and the stance taken by visual artists in the face of the contemporary world. Each artist, according to his or her current situation and history, attempts to “say”, not to remain silent, to translate, to bring to life a view of the state of his or her world and/or the state of art. (Editor's website)
Available in paper format only.