Subject to representation

Editor : Gallerie 101
Location : Ottawa
Year : 2000
Pages : 57
Language : English
Author : Joanne Lacey, Paul Antick, Kobena Mercer, Shauna Beharry

Artist and author

Jim Grant
Tracey Moffat
Iké Udé
Mary Sui Yee Wong
Essays on the politics of representation
This publication documents a series of four exhibitions based on the theme of representation, presented at Gallery 101 in 1996-97. Lacey’s essay draws attention to how J. Grant’s paintings deconstruct familial ideology by means of “a subversive act of memory work.” Antick focuses on the subject of conflict within T. Moffatt’s “Scarred for Life?” series of photographs. Mercer suggests I. Udé employs an interventionist strategy of “diasporic neo-situationism” to critique stereotypes and the coding of difference in contemporary visual culture. S. Beharry’s response to M. Wong’s installation “She Takes His Bed,” centres on the problem of reductionism in art interpretation. The authors situate the artists’ works within various theoretical contexts – historical materialism, Marxism, psychoanalysis, multiculturalism and post-colonialism – and address a wide range of issues, including: childhood, memory, nostalgia, nationalism, colonialism, race, gender, silence and the body. Brief biographical notes on artists and authors. 65 bibl. ref.
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