Cigale : Displacements

Editor : Cigale
Location : Montréal
Year : 2020
Volume : 2
Pages : 224
Language : French / English
Curator : AM Trépanier, Laure Bourgault
Author : Angela Marsh, Alexander Schellow et l'Animation Research Group (ARG), Dominique Rivard, Fred Schmidt-Arenales, Guy Woueté, Marc-Antoine Blais, Maude Arès, Nora Rosenthal, Simon Labbé, Stephanie E. Creaghan, Vita Evangelista
In the technocracy of displacement, where beings and matter mobilize or are mobilized, release, slowness and contextual maneuvers are synonyms of resistance. But again there must be the possibility of choice. The migrations that result from human activity—employment crisis, political turmoil or climate change—cause an accelerated reconfiguration of ways of living that affect all forms of life.   The eleven texts that make up this second edition present themselves like such geographies, each proposing a singular trace, a reflection on the world in which we evolve. They at times consider geopolitical configurations that act on human displacement and identity processes, and at others the ecosystemic relations between humans and non-humans. These works find their force in their links, their overlappings, their wanderings, in the care invested in the circulation of ideas.
Available in paper format only.