Couverture de la publication La ruche
Editor : Est-Nord-Est, résidence d'artistes
Location : Saint-Jean-Port-Joli,Canada
Year : 2002
Pages : 28
ISBN : 2980128155
Language : French
Coordinator : Franck Michel
Author : Nathalie Lafortune, Franck Michel

Artist and author

Hugues Dugas
Sylvie Fraser
Francine Larivée
François Méchain
Annette Merkenthale

Since 1992, Est-Nord-Est has offered a permanent program of artist residencies with a focus on in situ practices that speak to the environment. With La Ruche, we wanted above all to provide a wide-open space for the creative process and experimentation, and to highlight the very concept of the residency. The event was intended to have the residency burst out into the outdoors, with no pre-established form or constraint – a space in evolution shaped by the participants’ work, showcasing the artists’ pooling of resources and mutual contributions. They were not required to produce or present a final work when the outdoor sites and studios were opened to the public; they could also present working documents (testimony to the work in the process of being made) or a work in the course of production.

Available in paper format only.