Editor : Dazibao
Location : Montréal, Canada
Year : 1999
Pages : 69
ISBN : 2-92215-06-3
Language : French
Coordinator : France Choinière
Author : Larry Tremblay

Artist and author

Petra Mueller
In Piercing, Petra Mueller and Larry Tremblay explore the city, the urban territory as theater, an initiatory place of all possibilities. In a disturbing tale featuring Marie-Hélène, a teenage runaway who has just arrived in Montreal from her native Chicoutimi, Larry Tremblay offers us an open look at adolescence, at those first painful, deeply significant experiences, close to emancipation. In Petra Mueller's images, which are interwoven with text, the city serves as a backdrop for mysterious inscriptions. The photographs bear signs in blue ink: the figures trail their shadows like stains. Gathered under the banner of Urban Trilogy, the three titles Venir après, Piercing, and Déviances poétiques offer works deeply rooted in urban reality. These artists and writers share an unbridled, abundant imagination, tinged with an often raw, sometimes harsh truth.
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