Hamilton: Two tales of a city

Editor : Broken city lab
Location : Windsor, Ontario
Year : 2012
Pages : 28
Language : French / English
Curator : Julie René de Cotret

Artist and author

Broken City Lab
Justin A. Langlois
Danielle Sabelli
Michelle Soullière
Joshu Babcok
Cristina Naccarato
Rosina Riccardo
Hiba Abdallah
Kevin Echlin
Sara Howie
A discussion around a research project & exhibition at Hamilton Artists Inc.
Two Tales of a City (March 9th – May 4th, 2012 at Hamilton Artists Inc.) aims to examine a range of social, economic, cultural, and political dualities tracked throughout Hamilton’s past, present, and future. Gathered from archival research, interviews, and pop-up surveys and timelines, Two Tales of a City will present competing, intertwining, and parallel narratives of Hamilton through a large-scale fabric banner, oversized bunting, a workshop, and forthcoming publication. (Publisher's website)
Available in paper format only.