Bearings: four photographics essays

Editor : Gallery 101
Location : Ottawa,Canada
Year : 2001
Pages : 79
ISBN : 1896183115
Language : French / English
Coordinator : Jen Budney, Micheline Dandurand
Curator : François Dion
Author : Marlene Creates, Lorraine Gilbert, Jeffrey Thomas, David Dybiec

Artist and author

Marlene Creates
Lorraine Gilbert
Jeffrey Thomas
David Dybiec
This book contains photographic essays on Ottawa by four artists, each with a distinct documentary approach: M. Creates’ photographs of Ottawa population signs indicating different totals; L. Gilbert’s digital images of buildings and storefronts, J. Thomas’ photographs and texts concerned with stereotypical sculptural representations of First Nations people; and D. Dybiec’s series of black and white images addressing the theme of tourism. Dion’s poetic, self-reflexive text focuses on the beauty of a certain presence he perceives in the city, embodied in a character named “Laura.” Brief biographical notes on the artists and curator. Texts in French and English.
Available in paper format only.