Balance : Art and nature

Editor : Black Rose Books
Location : Montréal
Year : 1994
Pages : 252
ISBN : 1551640066
Language : English
Author : John K. Grande

Artist and author

Andy Goldsworthy
Anish Kapoor
Armand Vaillancourt
James Carl
Bill Reid
Duane Hanson
Carl Beam
Dmitri Kaminker
Antony Gormley
Keith Haring
Patrick Dougherty
Directly relating aesthetic depravation to its environmental counterpart, Grande describes society as only capable of consuming, rather the appreciating, both art and nature. The author argues for the need for artists, using nature as a model, to create socially progressive and responsible work and extrapolates on the problems of postmodern art and the increasing pervasiveness of technology. Contemporary art (predominantely Canadian) reinforcing the "status quo" is critically examined along with the work of such artists as Goldsworthy, Kapoor, and Gormley. 
Available in paper format only.