mémento iv; 2003-2006

Couverture de la publication mémento iv; 2003-2006
Editor : Est-Nord-Est, résidence d'artistes
Location : Montréal, Canada
Year : 2008
Pages : 130
ISBN : 978-2-9809684-0-2
Language : French / English
Coordinator : Franck Michel
Author : Franck Michel

Artist and author

Patrick Beaulieu
Johannes Bierling
Pierre Blache
Catherine Bolduc
Ela Boyd
Virginie Chrétien
Roland Cognet
Arnauld Colcomb
Clément de Gaulejac
Sophie Dejode et Bertrand Lacombe
Lalie Douglas
Josée Dubeau et Thomas Engelbert
Stéphane Granger
Kate Hoffman
Laura Jane Holden
Mathias Hornung
Séverine Hubard
Pål Gusdal Jomås
Kazuko Kizawa
Valérie Kolakis
Manon Labrecque
Jean-François Lacombe
Diane Landry
Chantale Laplante
Marie-Kim Lavigne
Gregory S. Maass et Nayoungim
Christine Major et Marie-Christine Simard
François Mathieu
John Mcewen
Mylène Michaud
Stéphanie Pelletier
Alexis Pernet
Marion Robin
Anne-Marie Rognon
Babette Schlappal
Laurent Sfar
Gwenaël Stamm
Jana Sterbak
Julie Andrée T.
José Luis Torres
Jean-Pierre Valette
Mélanie Vallerand
Silvia Vendramel
Jean-Ambroise Vesac
Jean-Yves Vigneau
Birgitta Volz

The fourth edition of Mémento featured essays by the artists in residency at Est-Nord-Est between 2003 and 2006. During these four years, Est-Nord-Est hosted fifty-one artists from North America, Europe, and Asia. Through the number of artists represented, the diversity of their origins, and the plurality of their practices – sculpture, installation, video, photography, music, sound, robotics, drawing, painting – this edition of Mémento, at once testimonial, record, and “souvenir album,” offers a stunning panorama of contemporary art production. Although the range of practices of the artists in residency had become broader over the years, sculpture and related practices were still predominant, due to the expertise and origins of Est-Nord-Est. Being in residency at Est-Nord-Est also means experiencing the riverside and rural landscapes of the Côte-du-Sud region.

Available in paper format only.