Arthur Heming : Chronicler of the North

Editor : Museum London
Location : London, Ontario
Year : 2013
Pages : 124
ISBN : 9781897215425
Language : French / English
Curator : Cassandra Getty, Arlene Gehmacher
Author : James Stone, Jaleen Grove, Candice Hopkins

Artist and author

Arthur Heming
This retrospective exhibition examines the career of celebrated artist, author and illustrator Arthur Heming (1870-1940). An avid northern explorer, his work helped to entrench perceptions of Canada as the "Great White North." Many of Heming's paintings begin with naturalistic elements, which he exaggerated into wild, even surreal compositions intended to accentuate the "virtues" of Canada as a sort of snowy Eden, though one matter-of-factly described as full of hardship and death. This approach differed radically from that of his colleagues in the Group of Seven, who for decades set the very definition of Canadian art. (Publisher's website)
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