Mémento, résidences 1998

Couverture de la publication Mémento, résidences 1998
Editor : Est-Nord-Est, résidence d'artistes
Location : Montréal, Canada
Year : 1999
Pages : 47
ISBN : 2-9801281-4-7
Language : French / English
Coordinator : Chantal Boulanger
Author : Chantale Boulanger

Artist and author

Carole Beaulieu
Catherine Bolduc
Atsuko Arai
Lucia Cipriano
Suzanne Martel
Mario Duchesneau
Neilton Clarke
Linda Covit
Mika Ebata
Suzanne Joly
Simone Jones
Paul-Émile Saulnier
Daniel Pestel
Helga Schlitter
Thérèse Chabot
Kenji Sugiyama

A residency as an artistic reality occupies a highly meaningful niche – one that is expanding vigorously today. As a counterpoint to work in the studio, exhibitions, and the many art events to which artists are invited, the residency marks a pause, a time to take a breath. This retreat is now inscribed within a physical and human landscape that lends itself to various types of experimentation. In 1998, the seventeen artists who stayed at Est-Nord-Est experienced, to various degrees, changes of course and disorienting questioning, for some, and a constructive intersection of cultures, for others. The artists, who came from Australia, Spain, France, Japan, and Canada, mastered new techniques and original procedures likely to lead to previously unthought-of ways of working.

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