Cutout : Greg Curnoe Shaped Collages 1965-1968

Editor : Museum London
Location : London, Canada
Year : 2011
Pages : 106
ISBN : 978-1-897215-31-9
Language : English
Curator : Robert Fones
Author : Robert Fones, Ben Portis, Carol-Ann M. Ryan

Artist and author

Greg Curnoe
This publication features essays by Robert Fones and writers Ben Portis and Carol-Ann M. Ryan. From 1965 to 1968, Greg Curnoe produced almost 50 shaped object-collage works, in series of repeated “face” elements and one-of-a-kind objects. Curnoe had been making collages for many years, but the cutout collages featured in this exhibition departed from his previous methods in several significant ways. Rather than framing them, using conventional wooden frames as he had done previously, he mounted these collages on cutout, painted wooden shapes. He also introduced the idea of a group of works that collectively form a coherent representational whole. In Cutout, guest curator and former London artist, Robert Fones revisits this under-examined aspect of Curnoe’s work. Indicating an important bridge between the artist’s interest in early Dada and his later shaped paintings, the exhibition will add an important chapter to the understanding of Curnoe’s life and work. Concurrent to the cutout works, Curnoe worked on several larger paintings, including Kami-Kazi and The Heart of London, which are also included in this exhibition.  (Publisher's website)
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