Light: perception-projection

Editor : Saidye Bronfman Centre,Karlhofer Gesellschaft,Goethe-Institut Montréal
Location : Berlin, Montréal
Year : 1986
Pages : 186
Language : French / English
Author : Claude Gosselin, Danielle Roy, Luc Courchesne

Artist and author

Pierre Ayot
Claude-Philippe Benoit
Christian Boltanski
Chris Burden
Daniel Buren
Geneviève Cadieux
Philippe Cazal
Gérard Collin-Thiébaut
Marie Cossette
Luc Courchesne
Jaqueline Dauriac
Dan Flavin
John Francis
Eldon Garnet
Marvin Gasoi
Juan Geuer
Michael Hayden
Tim Head
Nan Hoover
Paul Hunter
Kristin Jones
Andrew Ginzel
Dieter Jung
Jon Kessler
Holly King
Bertrand Lavier
Ange Leccia
Gilles Mihalcean
Gerald Minkoff
Bruce Nauman
Muriel Olesen
Giulio Paolini
Roland Poulin
Al Razutis
Robert Rosinsky
Todd Siler
Keith Sonnier
Barbara Steinman
David Tomas
Serge Tousignant
James Turrell
Michel Verjux
Krzysztof Wodiczko
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Gosselin analyses how 43 international artists have used light in the works presented for the second edition of the Cent jours d'art contemporain. Roy and Courchesne examine light as physical phenomenon, evaluating its impact on human perception and its role in the production of images. Finally, White investigates its influence on urban environment. Brief commentary and biographical notes on each artist. Circa 300 bibl. ref.
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