Gwenaël Bélanger : Fragmenting the Image

Editor : Expression (centre d'exposition), Musée régional de Rimouski
Location : Sainte-Hyacinthe, Rimouski
Year : 2011
Pages : 4
ISBN : 9782922326727
Language : French
Curator : Yann Pocreau
Author : Yann Pocreau, Bernard Lamarche, Mélanie Boucher

Artist and author

Gwenaël Bélanger
Rimouski-born Montreal artist Gwenaël Bélanger has been pushing back the boundaries of the off-screen for the past ten years, questioning the status of the image. Through an attentive and critical observation of what makes up the image in everyday life, the artist exploits the limits of perception of the real through graphic and photographic processes. Like an anthropologist, he is interested in the polysemic content of the mediatized image and the cultural object. Both the imagery and the devices used by the artist respond with a certain derision to a sensitive observation of our society of speed and hyperconsumption. 
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