Editor : Étiquette Zéro
Location : Chicoutimi, Canada
Year : 1996
Pages : n.p
Language : French / English
Author : Claire Gravel, Sylvie Harvey, Guy Sioui Durand

Artist and author

Guy Blackburn
Claudine Cotton
Ronald Thibert
Yves Tremblay
In a book characterized by an elaborate presentation (punctured rice paper and oculus, cardboard separators and fold-outs), the works of four Saguenay-based artists are assembled in the context of a two-year project that explores our relationship to territorial environment. Harvey studies the impact of modes of presentation on the reception of art works, while Sioui Durand expounds how the artist's book functions as a non social strategy. With texts by and about the artists. Biographical notes. 1 bibl. ref.
Available in paper format only.