Singular Fission

Editor : AXE NÉO-7
Location : Hull, Canada
Year : 2000
Pages : 31
ISBN : 2-922794-00-8
Language : French / English
Coordinator : Diane Génier
Curator : Jacques Doyon, Richar Gagnier
Author : Jacques Doyon, Richard Gagnier

Artist and author

Kim Adams
Guy Blackburn
Josée Dubeau
Denis Farley
Adrian Göllner
Wanda Koop
George Legrady
Liz Magor
Sophie Ristelhueber
Jana Sterbak
Annie Thibault
Hiromi Tsuchida
Catalogue to accompany an exhibition held in a nuclear bunker built in the 1950s by the Canadian government in Carp, Ont. (which in 1994 became Canada’s Cold War Museum – aka the “Diefenbunker”). Works by the 13 artists are documented in detail, and grouped according to the space they occupied in the underground building. Doyon and Gagnier describe from an anthropological perspective how the artists’ projects not only commemorate the original function of this “negative monument” but also attempt to recreate the spirit and mind-set that prevailed during the Cold War: fear and paranoia, utopist frenzy, fission and fusion. Text in French and English. Brief biographical notes.
Available in paper format only.