Arpenter l’île

Editor : Galerie B-312
Location : Montréal, Canada
Year : 2004
Pages : 157
ISBN : 2-921807-08-4
Language : French

Artist and author

Claire Beaulieu
Catherine Bodmer
Michel Boulanger
Eva Brandl
Thomas Corriveau
Christiane Desjardins
Johanne Gagnon
Trevor Gould
Pascal Grandmaison
Éric Ilhareguy
Suzanne Joos
Manuela Lalic
Paul Landon
Paméla Landry
Renée Lavaillante
Paul Litherland
Paul Lowry
Christine Major
Miroslav Ménard
Geneviève Rocher
Hélène Sarrazin
Lorraine Simms
Dominique Toutant
Suzan Vachon
Louise Viger
This book brings together the unpublished works of 25 artists who were asked by the gallery to describe an unprecedented encounter with an aspect of Montreal: the strangeness of a place, a corner, a view, an incongruous detail, an image, a particular emotion.
Available in paper format only.