Donald Lawrence : The Underwater Pinhole Photography Project

Editor : Gallery 44
Location : Toronto, Fredericton, Halifax
Year : 2001
Pages : 46
ISBN : 0968450989
Language : French / English
Author : Katy McCormick, Susan Gibson Garvey (Interviewer), Corrine Corry (Interviewer), Karen Ruet (Interviewer)

Artist and author

Donald Lawrence
Catalogue to accompany an exhibition of Lawrence’s experimental underwater photographs, realized with a waterproof pinhole camera and a modified kayak that served as a darkroom (also exhibited). Evoking the implications of using such a device (including the unpredictability of results), McCormick examines the works according to their links with 19th century romantic explorations—geographic, scientific and literary. Includes a transcribed conversation between C. Corry, S. G. Garvey, K. Ruet and the artist where the latter elaborates on his motives and working methods. List of works; biographical notes on Lawrence and McCormick. 7 bibl. ref.
Available in paper format only.