Programmation 23-24 / 23-24 Program.

Programmation 23-24

A rich and sparkling program!

It is with excitement that we share with you today our residencies program for the year 2023-2024! The programming committee went through more than 250 applications to select these 20 artists and authors. We see in their research current issues that will certainly generate stimulating meetings and discussions. Keep an eye out to know everything about the experiments they will conduct while they’re with us!

Spring 23
April 17 — June 09

Our spring residency is fast approaching! It will bring together artists Jessica Arseneau (Berlin, Germany), Dominique Sirois (Montreal, QC), Camila Carella (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Olena Newkryta (Vienna, Austria) et l’auteure eunice bélidor (Montreal, QC). Stay tuned : public presentations will arrive soon in April! 

Summer 23
July 03 — August 25

Our summer residency will bring together artists Ella Dawn McGeough (Toronto, ON), karen elaine spencer (Westmount, QC), Mahbub Jokhio (Mehrabpur, Pakistan), Mathilde Benignus (Montreal, QC) et l’auteure Janick Burn (Montreal, QC). Their experiments will flourish at the pace of Saint-Jean-Port-Joli’s summer tides!

Fall 23
September 18 — November 10

Our fall residency will bring together artists Lina Choi (Montreal, QC), Floryan Varennes (Nantes, France), Ania Mokrzycka (Londres, United-Kingdom), Maryse Goudreau (Escuminac, QC) et l’auteur·e anastasia (a) khodyreva (Turku, Finland). Varied researches that promise to be bubbling!

Winter 24
January 29 — March 22

Our winter residency, finally, will bring together artists Philip Gagnon (Chicoutimi, QC), Miae Son (Vienna, Austria), Richard Ibghy et Marilou Lemmens (Durham-Sud, QC), Brandon Brookbank (Montreal, QC) et l’auteure Céline Huyghebaert (Montreal, QC). These people will be the last to frequent our spaces as part of this program. They will energetically open the year 2024!