Archives du béluga (sans titre), photographie, 2023. © Maryse Goudreau.

Maryse Goudreau

Artist / Fall 2023


Aligned with an eco-feminist approach, Maryse Goudreau’s hybrid work combines photography, video, installation, performance, visual art, writing, and documentary research. She began to tackle political discourse with Histoire sociale du béluga (2016), in which she painstakingly compiled statements from Quebec’s Legislative Assembly covering almost one hundred years. Her immersive sonic and tactile installation Dans le ventre de la baleine (2019) simulates the sensations experienced when diving underwater with belugas. Renowned for her long-term projects in the field, Goudreau received the Prix Lynne-Cohen (MNBAQ) in 2017 and the Gaspé Peninsula artist of the year award from the CALQ in 2020.