‘Waiting is a gerund,’ a Polaroid note, as a part of 'Residues of Waiting', an ongoing project realised in collaboration with TUO TUO Arts, Finland. © anastasia (a) khodyreva.

anastasia (a) khodyreva

Author / Fall 2023


anastasia (a) khodyreva is a Turku-based anti-disciplinary researcher and writer. They care about bodies, senses, and waters & dream of non-binary futurities. To notice how dominant Western politics quietly brews marginalization in one’s quotidian life & how this politics-process might be quietly subverted on the tips of one’s fingers and in-between one’s ribs is what they are after. Collaboration as a doing-in-common (Neimanis 2012), haptic encounters, sound walks, scanning, multisensorial writing, and note-taking are currently at the core of their practice. They currently co-facilitate Aquatic Encounters: Arts and Hydrofeminisms (KONE Foundation 2020–22; 2023). They are a founding member of Squishy Collective, which traces power, politics, and care by means of touch.