Mathilde Benignus, Faire Famille, 2023, gravures sur bois et impressions sur papiers japonais, 13x9,5 et 20x26cm. Crédit photo : ENE/ Jean-Sébastien Veilleux photographe.

Mathilde Benignus

Artist / Summer 2023


Mathilde Benignus creates stories in various formats. Through her art projects, she addresses identity, heritage, and chosen families, as well as discarded territories. Her approach resembles chance encounters: she looks for what hasn’t yet been said and often is waiting to be revealed. Her research requires her to travel, and her work has often been designated a practice “in relation,” inspired by the communities of people whom she spends time with outside the art world. Through her specific interest in sharing the private and the lived experience, in groups or in solitary, her question is often the same: how to be lifted up by many?