Matriarche, Sculpture, 2022. © Yohann Gozard.

Floryan Varennes

Artist / Fall 2023


Floryan Varennes’s transversal research concerns mainly sculpture, but also installation, adornment, writing, and olfactory environments, for which he incorporates various techniques, from ancestral know-how to technological processes. In his work, he articulates equipped and prosthetic extensions of the body: augmented, protected, or obstructed, these sensitive fragments appear in his work as a social, symbolic, and metaphysical ensemble. At the source of his reflection and practice, he deconstructs and interlaces two opposing chronological registers: medieval history and science-fiction futures. Through this singular combination, he gives shape to his main preoccupation: to break away from essentialisms by upsetting binary systems and institutional knowledge. From trouble to violence, from care to healing, from desire to love, his commitment is an attention to the in-between in which contrary states, queer and fascinating bodies, meet in spaces of friction.

This residency project has received a grant from the Fondation des Artistes’ sponsorship committee, as well as from the Institut Français.