L'eau souillée est devenue poussière bleue sous les rayons du soleil (corpus 2), installation multidisciplinaire, 2022. Éliane Excoffier.

Dominique Sirois

Artist / Spring 2023


Born in Tiohtiáke/Montreal, Dominique Sirois has a master’s degree (2010) and a doctorate (2022) in visual arts from UQAM. Her practice takes the form of multidisciplinary installations composed of complex displays presenting ceramics, sculptures, drawings, and photographs. Sirois’s work has been presented in many artist-run centres in Canada, including Centre Clark, Diagonale, AXENÉO7, and Latitude 53, and in private galleries such as Laroche/Joncas, Patel Brown, Blouin Division, and Bradley Ertaskiran. She has participated in international residency programs, including in Glasgow, Paris, Shanghai, Taiwan, Barcelona, and Banff. Her work has also been shown in group shows and collaborations at the Ludwig Museum (Budapest), Au Commun (Geneva), the Unicorn Center for Arts (Beijing), IMAL (Brussels), and Fondation Phi (Montreal).