Elise Provencher, Les Grées, 2021, céramique et acrylique, 52x51x20 cm. Crédit photo: Vincent Lafrance.

Elise Provencher

Artist / Summer 2022


I use clay to shape figures that interest me for their power to embody. The material vocabulary is expressionistic, raw but soft, imbued with an ambiguity that represents both the pleasures (humour, eroticism) and the difficulties (doubt, fear) that go with being human. I explore the transformative potential of materials and the agency of objects. Through stories, my objects raise new narrative possibilities to forge individual and social identities. In this sense, the agency of the object is situated in an aesthetic of shifting between genders and symbols, enabling me to play with the usual frameworks (of representation and narrative) and binary frontiers (notably of morality and power struggles) and to hope to see beyond them. This play on the limitations of the shaped and the unshaped, the known and the unknown, the familiar and the foreign, is what drives my approach. I live and work in Montréal.