Campagne de financement 2019
Des vins pour l'art! Campagne de financement, 2019. Crédit image: Simon Guibord.

Raise a glass for art | 2019 Fundraising Campaign

2019 Fundraising Campaign

Support Est-Nord-Est

Est-Nord-Est is launching its 2019 wine campaign! This year, help us bring the first winter residency in our new quarters to reality! Your contribution is essential to making our activities run smoothly and to supporting artists and authors in contemporary art from here and elsewhere. 

Our objective: $10,000! Act fast: the campaign ends November 15! 

This project involves:

* Covering the costs incurred by hosting and supporting the research and creation of 5 additional artists and authors 

* Supporting a super team who will now be working year-round

* Acquiring the necessities for artists and authors to travel and work in winter and take full advantage of the joys of cold weather

* Keeping these wonderful people warm by heating our new building, of course! 

Raise a glass for art

As in previous years, our committee visited Sélection Caviste for a tasting. We selected four excellent wines, including a pleasant discovery: Prémices d’Avril, a white Acer. This wine, made with fermented maple sap from Témiscouata, will be one of your choices among the cases of wine this year – a lovely new product to try!

A selection of four exceptional wines

Prémices d’Avril, Domaine Acer, 2018, white Acer, Canada (Quebec)

La Capelina Soave, Azienda Agricola Franchetto, 2018, white, Italy (Veneto)

Domaine Tour de Pech, Château Pech-Céleyran, 2016, red, France (Languedoc)

Barbera del Monferrato, Vicara, 2017, red, Italy (Piedmont)

You’ll have a chance to win a magnum bottle (1.5 liters) of Domaine de Viaud, Lalande-de-Pomerol 2000

Why contribute?

* To support artists from here and elsewhere and therefore to contribute to research and advancement of contemporary art practices

* Because for each dollar raised thanks to your support, Mécénat Placement culture will enhance your donation

* To discover new wines and take advantage of an excellent excuse to get together with family or friends

* To offer a sensational holiday gift while taking concrete action for culture      

* Because you can receive an official tax receipt for your donation:

o $60 for a case of 12 bottles

o $20 for a case of 4 bottles


You can pick up the cases in Québec City, Montréal, and Saint-Jean-Port-Joli before the winter holidays! We’ll contact you after November 15 to give you the exact addresses of the different pick-up points and dates. 

Thank you for sharing the campaign with friends and family

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Cash donations

If you’d rather participate in our campaign by making a donation, you may do so via Canadon

About Est-Nord-Est

Est-Nord-Est résidence d’artistes provides support for an international community of artists and authors by offering space and time for research and experimentation, as well as privileged access to local resources and skills.

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In partnership with Sélection Caviste

Design: Simon Guibord