2023 Wine campaign

You were impatiently waiting for it: the 2023 Est-Nord-Est wine campaign is officially launched! Once again this year, your support will contribute to the development of our financial autonomy. Your enthusiasm for each campaign is precious since it not only allows us to maintain our activities, but also gives us the leeway to develop new initiatives in response to the needs of artists and authors in contemporary art!

Our objective: $5,000! Act fast: the campaign ends November 19 – order here!


Behind the scenes of the campaign

A few friends of Est-Nord-Est, members of its team, as well as certain actors of its board of directors had the pleasure of meeting with Sélection Caviste during a tasting that led to the selection of four wines with dazzling charm. In other words, these cases have been created with you in mind! This year we are offering two white wines and two red wines, a perfect set to meet up with families and friends to taste and sip sweet nectars. On the menu: Cuvée Ombline, Pech-Céleyran – France, Languedoc, Passaluna Blanco, Nicosia – Italy, Sicily, Chianti DOCG, La Spinosa – Italy, Tuscany and La Tribuna, Bodegas Angosto – Spain, Valencia. Tempting to share as good times as we do, right? Cheers!