2012-2013 Fundraising Campaign

With much enthusiasm, Est-Nord-Est Artists’ Residency Program is beginning its fundraising campaign anew. The aim of this important financing project is to endow the centre with financial leverage that will enable it to continue its mandate to provide national and international contemporary artists with a residency program.

For a second time, Est-Nord-Est has received major support from Placements Culture. The intention of this program is to encourage individuals, foundations and private Quebec companies to give generously to nonprofit cultural organizations, as it will triple the amount of each donation.

What are our objectives?

Our first fundraising campaign, held in 2010-2011, was a great success as we exceeded our objective and raised $26,227. Thanks to your gifts and Placements Culture, we created a fund of $100,656 devoted entirely to our building project.

The objective of our present campaign is to raise $25,000 by November 15, 2013 and we are convinced that with your help we can achieve this.

What can you do for Est-Nord-Est?

This year again we are asking for your support to continue our regular activities but also for your aid in assuring the construction of new infrastructures that will be carried out in the near future. We are hoping that if each resident, who has contributed to the prestige of Est-Nord-Est since its founding in 1992, will make a gift of $25, we will reach an important step in financing this major building project and thus ensure the continuity of the residencies at Est-Nord-Est. In order to succeed with this major project, we must rely on the invaluable support of generous donors. A gift of $25, which represents $100 for our organization, would be much appreciated.

What are the advantages of making a gift to Est-Nord-Est?

As a charitable organization, Est-Nord-Est will send you an official tax receipt for a gift of $20 or more. And all donors will be thanked on our Website at the end of the fundraising campaign. For gifts of $1000 or more, donors will be honored with their name on a plaque in the new building.

Please show your support for Est-Nord-Est by sending us a cheque by mail or if you prefer, you can make a donation online at www.canadon.org. We are counting on your gift to continue our activities, which support the creation of contemporary art.