2024-2025 program

Dear Est-Nord-Est community,

I am delighted to share with you the programming of the 2024-2025 residencies which announces the with the arrival of spring the start of a new cycle.

Once again this year, we received a significant number of applications, 315 to be precise. I would like to warmly thank Mariane Stratis, Carolyne Scenna and Annie Charland-Thibodeau for their generous participation in the artist selection committee, as well as Amélie Giguère and eunice bélidor for their luminous contribution to the author selection committee.

I would like to extend the same sentiments of appreciation to all artists and authors who took the time to propose a research project to us. We were sincerely touched to read you and we also feel in this figure, in addition to the interest in our mission anchored in experimentation, a form of saturation in the cultural environment, a lot of requests for few places. For your information, membership at the center offers access to workshops and help from the technician in addition to accommodation in our studios. You can view membership categories and rates here. We are actively thinking about avenues to support more artists and authors and we are always open to your suggestions. You can contact us via info@estnordest.org for any questions or comments.

-Camille Richard, general and artistic director

In the spring, we will welcome artists Charlotte Ghomeshi (Montreal, QC), Mai Bach-Ngoc Nguyen (Quebec, QC), Laurel Rennie (Montreal, QC), Maria Simmons (Guelph, ON) and author Charmaine Li (Berlin, Germany). Drawing on mysticism as well as their personal psyches, these residents will each explore their embodied knowledge and their relationships with (non-)humans from a feminist perspective.


We will then begin the abundant summer period with Vishal Kumaraswamy (Bengaluru, India), Tegan Moore (Montreal, QC), Diane Morin (Montreal, QC), Fred Schmidt-Arenales (Brooklyn, United States) and author Mirna Abiad-Boyadjian (Montreal, QC). What these residents have in common is to question and reveal from a critical and political perspective the structures that surround us, whether they are architectural, historical, territorial or technological.


Fall will be marked by artists Fanny Basque (Rimouski, QC), Beau Gomez (Montreal, QC), Sophie Jodoin (Montreal, QC), Hannah Todt (Vienna, Austria) and author virginie fauve (Montreal, QC). Through the reuse and reinterpretation of objects, images or texts, these residents will reflect in their respective mediums on the notion of narrative, as intimate as it is collective. In their own way, they will revisit the past, anchor themselves in the present or imagine new futures.


We will end the year with artists Amadeo Azar (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Louis Bouvier (Montreal, QC), Toni Brell (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Nichol Marsch (Stonewall, MB) and author Joëlle Dubé (Montreal, QC). Exploring issues of heritage and transmission, the research of winter residents will navigate around themes of social and historical (de)construction to generate spaces for collective dialogue.

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