Expérimentations menées en atelier par Sophie-Madeleine Jaillet en résidence
Sophie-Madeleine Jaillet, Expérimentations en atelier, 2017. Photo: ENE/Jean-Sébastien Veilleux photographe

Sophie-Madeleine Jaillet

Artist / Fall 2017


Sophie Jaillet is a multidisciplinary artist born in Montreal. She uses obsessive observation, scientific method, and sculptural and material experimentation to explore her human finitude in a state of ecological consciousness. Through her art practice, she examines the imperceptible nature of geological and climatic mechanisms, while revealing human sensory limitations with regard to such large-scale phenomena. Jaillet’s recent work is the result of research both in the studio and in the field, where she subjects the materials of the Anthropocene Era to speculations and manipulations. She has a BA from Concordia University and a master’s degree from NSCAD.