Semblances : Alexandre St-Onge

Editor : Avatar
Location : Québec, Canada
Year : 2016
Pages : 79
ISBN : 9782920512191
Language : French / English
Author : Nicole Gingras, Christof Migone, Brandon LaBelle, Daniel Canty, Jeffrey Moore, Alexandre St-Onge, Alexandre
Semblances is a bilingual, illustrated 80-page publication, a textual work with the eponymous title, which documents and questions Alexandre St-Onge's creative process and his singular, prolific practice in audio and electronic art. In dialogue with the sound work, three texts, by Nicole Gingras - who joined the creative process - Christof Migone, and an interview between Brandon LaBelle and Alexandre St-Onge, punctuate the publication, edited by Caroline Gagné. The texts have been translated from English and French by Daniel Canty, with contributions from Jeffrey Moore. 
Available in paper format only.