Editor : Oneiric Space
Year : 2023
Curator : Charmaine Li

Artist and author

Fariba Bogzaran
Manisha Anjali
Goitseone Montsho
Jakob Lusensyn
Dream Matter drifts between an artist’s book and a contemplative workbook for dipping into dream life at one’s own pace. Structured to evoke the sensation of wading through dream memories, it contains a repeated image where forms slowly come into focus. The book is also interspersed with questions for reflecting on the intricate and reciprocal relationship between nightly dreams and waking life at an individual and collective level. Pages with prompts invite readers to turn inward, observe thoughts that arise, or jot down notes. These pages can also be unfolded to reveal quotes sourced from ONEIRIC SPACE interviews with artists, researchers, and practitioners, opening up a space for voices to mingle and dialogue with the reader’s own experiences. ONEIRIC SPACE is an ever-evolving research and publishing practice exploring the interplay between dreams and waking life. Our research is transmitted through a newsletter, gatherings, publications, and an online interview archive.
Available in paper format only.