La photographe hantée par la photographie spirite

Editor : Musée régional de Rimouski
Location : Rimouski, Canada
Year : 2009
Pages : 107
ISBN : 978-2-923525-18-1
Language : French
Coordinator : Bernard Lamarche
Author : Bernard Lamarche, Pierre Rannou

Artist and author

Bonnie Baxter
Ginette Bouchard
Serge Clément
Sorel Cohen
Éliane Excoffier
Denis Farley
Yan Giguère
René Lavoie
Jean-Pierre Legault
Michel Lamothe
Myriam Laplante
Steve Leroux
Roland Morin
Marie-Jeanne Musiol
Robert Pelletier
Élène Tremblay
Richard-Max Tremblay
One dimension of the history of photography that is becoming increasingly important concerns photography's ability to see the invisible. A founding episode in this hypothesis dates back to the end of the 19th century, that of spiritualist photography. In recent years, a number of artists have returned to this practice, as if to reaffirm strong links with the spiritual world, and maintain that photography not only serves to bear witness to material reality, but is also capable of depicting the invisible. A selection of works by Quebec artists Serge Clément, Sorel Cohen, Denis Farley, Marie-Jeanne Musiol, Richard-Max Tremblay and Éliane Excoffier, among others, demonstrate that photography continues to show us ghosts.
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