Residency 2015 for artists and curators/writers

Call for submissions is on going

Deadline June 13, 2014

You can download the application form from our Website


Est-Nord-Est is an artist-run centre which offers, through its residency program,

technical support and a critical context to artists engaged in the process of research /

creation. Three residencies are offered per year, in the spring, summer and fall. Up

to four artists and a curator or a writer may participate in each residence, eight

weeks for the artists, four weeks for the curator or the writer. This is a unique

occasion for both the artists and other art professionals to step out of their normal

everyday situation to pursue a research project in a different, stimulating, vibrant

environment; one characterized by the rural setting, the friendly welcome attentive to

everyone’s needs, the abundance of local resources, the quality of the technical and

logistical assistance and the richness of the exchange with the other participants of

various origins participating in the residency.

Est-Nord-Est is situated in the village of Saint-Jean-Port-Joli on the south shore of

the Saint Lawrence River, about 115 kms from Quebec City, 350 kms from Montreal.

The region presents a unique mixture of forest, a strong agricultural presence and

the atmosphere of the waterway.

Founded originally on the idea of offering to contemporary sculptors a context to

work and exchange in contact with a unique traditional savoir-faire, Est-Nord-Est

today welcomes artists from all over the world involved in all disciplines and

practices associated with current visual art.